Hi! Our new mobility product has launched!

Our company saw a need for a product that would promote independence for mobility impaired people that just needed a few steps help. Our StepLifter does just that. Whether you are injured, in a wheel chair, use a walker, or just have trouble climbing a few stairs, StepLifter is for you.

Our custom units raise a lift up to 40″ (four steps) and take up only 60″ in length. This is much less floor space than a wood ramp. They easily fit in your garage, car-port, inside, or even at the front steps. This mobility product lifts up to 750 pounds – perfect for a single person with a walker or even a motorized wheel chair.

It activates with a key fob control and has options for LED safety lights to make sure you are safe at night. Feel free to download our 1-page brochure for more details. Give us a call with any of your questions. 336-525-5300