Frequently Asked Questions

When can I buy a StepLifter? Right here! Call us and speak with a mobility specialist to find out more. 336-525-5300

Do you have a brochure? Yeah! Sure! Here is a short 1-page StepLifter Brochure that will help.

How much does the StepLifter cost? Our basic model starts at $2,500. Price increase depending on the number of stairs and amount of weight needed to lift. The price is about the average price for a wooden ramp of appropriate size.

How much weight can be lifted with a StepLifter? We have options up to 750 lbs.

Where can I get a StepLifter? You can order direct from us with your credit card!

Can my mobility provider get one for me? Absolutely, just have them give us a call and we can set them up with an account.

Are StepLifters weather-proof? Yes, you can order our weather-proof model.

How does a StepLifter work? It uses electric actuators which lift and propel a platform forward and over your stairs.

How long is the electrical cable for the StepLifter? We sell the product with varying lengths up to 50′

Do you ship to Florida, Arizona, New York? We ship all over North America, and we are working to find import partners across the world.

Is it patented? Our product is Patent Pending – The USPTO is a bit slow, but we anticipate getting it someday soon!

Can I get it in a different color? At the moment, we only offer it in classic black. Perfect for those of you who just don’t like primary colors!

Are they wheelchair accessible? Absolutely. Roll on in, close the gate, activate the StepLifter!

Are they Walker friendly? Yup! Slide your walker onto the lift, activate your StepLifter, slide off!

How about crutches? Are they good for people with injuries? Absolutely, they work great for people with crutches, canes, or just a touch of arthritis. Many people just need a little help up those stairs, not some bulky ramp. And if you no longer need it, the StepLifter can be easily removed.

How many steps can the StepLifter lift? Up to 4 steps!

How can I find out more? Give us a call. 336-525-5300 We really like to talk and can answer any questions you may have about our product.