The StepLifter Story

Since you are reading this, you probably already know this story – your Mother-in-Law is having trouble getting up a few stairs into her home, and you have no place to build a ramp.

Or maybe you are confined to a wheel chair, and don’t want to install a bulky ramp or an expensive elevator for the two steps up that you need to access your home from the garage.

Perhaps you just broke your leg or had surgery, and you just need some help for a few months, and don’t really want to build an expensive ramp.

We’ve been there, and we have a solution: The StepLifter.

Our debut model lifts a person, standing or in a wheel chair a modest 1-4steps directly in front of their own steps. By not disturbing the existing steps, this leaves them fully functional. If you reach a point where you no longer need the assistance, the StepLifter is super easy to remove and doesn’t require extensive construction.


We looked at all the available products on the market to see what we could do to help our loved ones into the home. None of them really met the needs – Elevators are expensive and require extensive construction. Ramps require huge amounts of room, don’t fit into garages, and are hard to remove once you no longer need them. Conventional Stair Lifts are designed so that you have to transfer to a seat and are really focused on going up many stairs. Porch lifts are expensive and many times will interfere with your existing stairs.

We wanted something else:

Needed to work for 1-3 stairs, it would allow use of those stairs when you did not need the lift, it would be less expensive than ramps or porch lifts, could fit in a garage, and would be easy to install and remove.

This was a tall order, but we have some ingenious team members that developed a product that met all these requirements.


When we designed the product, one of our conditions was that it be easily installed by a handy Son-in-law in an afternoon. Although it is very sturdy, the parts package is sent in a manner that it can be assembled using common tools from your local home store.


One of the concerns we addressed with the StepLifter is “How can I exit my home in the event of power outage?” Because our system is air powered, as long as there is sufficient air pressure in the tank, our basic battery backup will allow the switch to function and you to exit your home safely.